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Shipping Cars from the USA to Africa: Cost-efficient Shipping Services

At Shipping Cars and Vehicles, we are committed to ensure that shipping cars from the USA to Africa is a smooth process. Equipped with years of experience in the shipping industry, the company is known to provide cost-efficient and reliable shipping services. The staff at Shipping Cars and Vehicle is comprehensively trained to take utmost care of your vehicle while boarding and de-boarding, ensuring that your vehicle reaches its destination without a scratch.

When shipping cars from the USA to Africa, obtaining custom clearances is always a major concern. We ensure that there no delay in the delivery of your vehicle due to improper or incomplete paperwork. In addition, rest all your tariffs and administrative matters are also handled by our team of delivery management professionals.

After all the paperwork is in place, you choose a container for your vehicle—in which you can keep other personal belongings as well, besides your vehicle. Shipping Cars and Vehicles provide Roll on/Roll off service for shipping cars from the United States to Africa.

Shipping Requirements

  • A detail account of your car
  • An original clean vehicle title
  • Total number of vehicles
  • Whether the vehicle is new or used
  • Whether the vehicle is right or left hand driven
  • Delivery destination
  • Receiver’s contact details
  • Your desired delivery date

Things to Remember

Before delivering the car for shipment, you need to drain the tank and then disconnect the battery. In addition, when boarding the car inside the container, make sure that the front face of the car is towards the opening gate of the container.

Shipping Cars and Vehicles charges its customers depending on the size and age of the vehicle and its current market value. Moreover, it is advisable to check with a local custom broker the import duty that will apply to your shipment.

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For instant quotes or any queries related to our car shipment services, feel free to call us at our toll free number 800.859.6474. You can also email us at:

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