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Shipping Cars from USA

When considering shipping cars from USA to another area of the world, you can rest assured that we are one of the top car movers to make your shipment as painless as possible. General shipping and moving companies simply lack the knowledge and experience to help you with a vehicle relocation. is a full service international vehicle shipping company offering multiple services. Europe, Africa, Asia (including China), the Middle East, and Australia are as familiar to us as New York, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles. We are the USA shipping cars company with an international outreach that will benefit you from A to Z.

A good international car shipping company covers various popular destinations all over the globe. We ship cars and other vehicles from USA to many countries around the world in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean and the Pacific. If you have a classic or exotic car, then our company can provide extra caution towards its safety. Enclosed trailers and container carriers offer such enhanced safety while the smart work personnel ensure timely delivery with 100 percent security.

Shipping cars from USA can also be done via Roll-on / Roll-off shipping and it can handle shipping a car from and to many overseas destinations. Through this method of shipping a car, cars are protected from the elements in sealed car decks, remaining secured to the deck. RO-RO car shipping is an abbreviation for the term Roll-on, Roll-off in which car shipping companies drive vehicle on and then off the vessel.

Our international car company can manage your export documents or your inbound customs clearance process through the company that is handling your International Car Transport. The international car shipping company like ours works in conjunction with many agent companies who are handling cars overseas. These agents of car shipping international can efficiently handle the Customs and prepare all required import paperwork. If you are shipping a car overseas then you can also do these tasks yourself but that could be a hindrance for you. So as an international car shipping company we also take care of these things to ship cars overseas.

All Services are provided by Carex Shipping LLC, OTI License# 018938N