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Shipping Cars from the USA to Australia Now Simple as A-B-C

Shipping cars from the USA to Australia was never so easy. Placed among the leading names in the industry, Shipping Cars and Vehicles is a safe choice if you need professional car shipping services. Our team of transportation experts ensures that your vehicle is delivered to the required destination in a cost-effective manner and in the exact condition as it was received.

Shipping Cars and Vehicles has a huge customer base in the USA as well as Australia and the company takes pride in its world-class services, backed by years of experience in the industry. If you are looking for a reliable car shipping company in the USA, you are at a right place. Shipping Cars and Vehicles picks up your car from any location in the USA and delivers it to any destination in Australia.

Shipping Cars and Vehicles has transported thousands of vehicles from the USA to Australia and operates a number of export loading warehouses, besides having access to all major ports in the USA. The trained staff at Shipping Cars and Vehicles is equipped with everything they may require to take utmost care of your car throughout the shipment.

Factors to Consider When Shipping Cars from the USA to Australia

  • If you live in Australia and buying a car from an American seller, make sure that the seller is genuine and willing to deal with an overseas buyer. It’s better to hire the services of a third party in the USA to help you identify the true condition of the car.
  • Remember that every vehicle that is being transported to Australia requires an import permit from the Department of Infrastructure. Read more about it here – (
  • After you have purchased the car and applied for an import permit, it is your duty to collect the vehicle from the seller and get it delivered to your place in Australia. This is where Shipping Cars and Vehicles can help you with the transportation of your car.

The company provides container as well as roll on/Roll off services as per the preference of the customer.

Container Facility

If you opt for container facility, your car will be shipped in a container. However, to save more money you can share the container with other customers.

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