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Car Shipping From USA To Europe

Several departure ports are available all around USA for car shipping from USA to Europe. Our international shipping company is solely run by keeping in mind the needs of our customers. Since many clients live in landlocked areas and are always short on time, we provide them with the option of getting the service of car shipping from USA to Europe. Our clients can call us up and let us know if they want the car picked up for the purpose of shipping. Moreover, we provide our customers with the cheapest prices available after adding the cost of a return flight, accommodation, gas charges and cuisine.

Exporting Your Car To Europe
Our company offers you with two simple ways for car shipping from USA to Europe. Roll-on-roll-off ships are used by our company with car shipping from USA to Europe. In case you have to ship a single car from USA to Europe, this is the best method. When shipping your car to Europe, you should not keep anything inside the car except for a jack and an extra tire. Moreover, the car should be in an optimal mechanical state so that it can be driven up and down the ramp easily. This is the easiest method of car shipping from USA to Europe and is used mainly for large vehicles.

Steel containers in standardized sizes can be used for car shipping from USA to Europe. Wooden blocks are used to hold down cars, tightly and securely, to keep them from moving. In case you use this method, you can leave your personal items inside the container along with your car. Though make sure you have a list of items along with their values that you are leaving back in the container.

Some Basic Tips To Remember for car shipping from USA to Europe

  • As per Federal Regulations, the tank of a car cannot have more than 1/4th of its fuel tank full.
  • Provide us with an extra set of keys for the doors, the boot, the ignition and any other compartments which have been locked for car shipping from USA to Europe. It is a part of Customs to check each locked compartment.
  • Always make sure that your alarm system is disabled during the car shipping from USA to Europe, so to ensure that no problems arise when the car is being shipped.
  • A vehicle that can’t be operated normally i.e. has broken windows, has damaged tires, has no fuel/diesel/gas or has a leakage and is not durable mechanically is risky to ship. In such a case, let us know beforehand so that we can use a container and a lifter can be arranged for your car shipping from USA to Europe.

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