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Cars Loading In Containers

There are many ports available in the USA to ship cargo to other parts of the world. Our international shipping company, with its team of highly dedicated staff trained professionally, offers you many solutions for cars loading in containers needs. Our company also offers cars loading in containers service for your cars worldwide at cheaper rates than other companies in the market and also provides you with excellent after sales service. Our company is run with only our clients and customers kept in our mind. We also provide you with the cars loading in containers shipping services by picking up your car, loading it in the cargo ship and then shipping it to your desired location. We also provide these cars loading in containers international shipping services to clients who are outside of the USA.

We make sure that we provide our clients with the best of cars loading in containers shipping services around and also make sure that we offer them cheap. Cars loading in containers shipping rates available in the market for the cars to load in containers and use international cars loading in containers shipping to move them off to the destination of their choice. We also make sure not to charge higher port fees so that our clients don’t have to pay exorbitant port fees.

Our company offers you two very simple ways to use our international cars loading in containers shipping services for your cars:

  • Steel containers are used to ship your cars, wooden blocks and straps are used to hold down the car securely and then ship the car worldwide.
  • 20′ or 40′ dedicated container just for your car or number of cars OR shared container service when your car is loaded with other customers’ cars.

Some very important and basic points to remember when getting cars loading in containers shipping for your car is to make sure that you do not leave a lot of fuel in it. Also you should make sure to provide our company with an extra set of keys to the car doors and the boot and also the ignition. It is part of the port customs to check each and every locked compartment of the car. Also make sure that the security alarm system of the car is turned off so that no problems come up during international cars loading in containers shipping.

Furthermore a car which cannot be operated properly, that is it has broken steering or which has air bags deployed can be shipped for an extra fee. Also the car should not have tires which are damaged nor has a leakage in the fuel tank. In these cases the clients should let our company know beforehand so that a proper system for shipping can be put in place.

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