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Export Caravans to New Zealand

To export caravans to New Zealand, the best way to transport is by sea. Well, caravans, as we know it, are not cheap at all, and this is the reason why it really concerns the owners of their safety while in transit. Although this is normal, our company always assures our clients that if they choose to export caravans to New Zealand with us, they are guaranteed of the safety and security of their property.

As an established shipping company, we follow a certain protocol, which concerns the satisfaction of our clients with their need to export caravan to New Zealand. Check them out below.

  • All caravans undergo thorough inspection. Their condition as well as their cleanliness is checked before they are picked-up, received and shipped.
  • After which, we give our clients a signed report with regards to the overall condition of their caravans. This is for the protection of both parties. The report also serves as an attachment to the shipping insurance, which insurance providers strictly require. Insurance is essential when you choose to export caravans to New Zealand.
  • When choosing to export caravans to New Zealand with our company, we shall take pictures before the loading so that in case damages will be seen after the delivery, our company can easily acknowledge them. This is also one way of assuring our clients that we take care of all the goods entrusted to us.
  • We make sure that the containers are well-sealed and moisture-free. Otherwise, the caravans might suffer corrosions. Before we export caravans to New Zealand, we all have an understanding that it is our duty to take care of them before they are loaded to shipping vessels until they are delivered.
  • Re-checking the cleanliness as well as the condition of the caravans is another way of showing how much we value our clients’ trust and confidence. This is also one of our many sincere ways of convincing people to export caravans to New Zealand with our company.

If you are interested to export caravans to New Zealand, we would be glad to accommodate you in our office. Tell us your shipping needs and we will try our best to meet them. Of course, the process stated above sound convincing, but they are not just good words that mean nothing – they are facts. So, do you need to export caravans to New Zealand? Choose us and we’ll handle them perfectly for you.


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