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International Automobile Shipping

International automobile shipping enables you to transport or relocate your automobile(s) from USA to another country overseas. Consumers, car dealerships, auto auctions and eBay motors sellers are using international vehicle shipping services to move autos worldwide using the special vehicle transport companies.

Several such companies including ours offer their services and facilities to help you with this task. The international auto shipping service is very economical when compared to selling your vehicle in one place and buying another one at new place. Most of the international auto shipping companies charge reasonably for shipping service.

The most common form of international auto shipping is the RO-RO (roll-on, roll-off) in which the cars are driven directly in a ship cargo area at the port of loading and driven off at the port of unloading. This is the cheapest form but some downside is that the cars are exposed to the elements around them and due to the fact that port workers will have the access to them.

The second method is to secure the car inside the ocean container. All vehicles are professionally blocked, braced and tied down providing the absolute protection during international auto shipping. You can also have any personal effects inside the vehicle. Containerized shipping is the preferred choice when using an international auto shipper to transport your collectible or highly valuable vehicle. Shared Container shipping is offered by international auto shipping companies that combine many cars from different customers in large containers. Choose an international auto shipper that is familiar with the proper bracing and blocking techniques to protect your valuable vehicle.

You can easily obtain a quote from our company based on the type of vehicle that you have and the overseas destination that the vehicle needs to go. The price estimate that you’ll get will be in line with the estimates you get from other companies offering the same services. Simply fill out the Shipping Price form to your left and we will email your quote within 24 hours.

Equally as important, you must learn weather or not your automobile will be permitted to operate in your new country. For example, there are some regulations for fuel, steering wheels, stop lights and emission options that must be followed in some countries. Be sure to find these things out before even considering moving your vehicle to another country.