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International Car Shipping Company

The international car shipping company offers services for transporting all kinds of automobiles overseas from the USA using land freight or ocean freight depending on the distance and the suitability of the auto transfer. Our international car shipping company specializes in transporting all kinds of trucks, automobiles, commercial vehicles or any such type of large vehicle with utmost ease and expertise to different destinations irrespective of how easy or hard a destination is to reach.

Based on the type of car required to be shipped, our international car shipping company custom-designs the transportation means and route which best suits your vehicle. From a luxury car to a sports vehicle to a commercial car, all automobiles are handled according to individual requirements and shipped in the safest, quickest and easiest way possible.

Our international car shipping company offers the most competitive rates in the industry in both inland pick ups and ocean line freight charges from USA to different destinations in the rest of the world. The international car shipping company also caters to customers that require shipping of their car purchases from the USA to their home country.

The rules that the International car shipping company follows before shipping any vehicle overseas include:

  1. The delivered car must be entirely empty and nothing except the factory installed equipment should be present in it.
  2. The tank should also be only half full of gas.
  3. All car keys must at all cost accompany the vehicle.
  4. The car should be delivered in a perfect running condition so that roll on and roll off services can be easily performed.
  5. The price of shipment quoted in advance by International car shipping company is based on measurements as per cubic feet. So any vehicle that is old or antique, customized or oversized will be measured prior to loading on the port and any excess amount find therein should be paid before shipping of the vehicle.
  6. According to USA Customs rules it is compulsory for you to have the original along with three copies of the title. In case there are liens against the automobile, a letter from the lien holder duly notarized should also be presented along with other documents to accompany the car on the journey.
  7. The price quoted by our International car shipping company includes the USA port fee however in case of any extra service taken by the port such as storing facility due to delay or incomplete paperwork will be paid additionally by the shipper.
  8. The handling, storing and Customs fees and duties of the destination overseas port are not included in the shipping cost.
  9. The approximate shipping time of vehicles is between 15 to 30 days. In case of any transshipment for a hard to reach location an additional 7 to 21 days may be required by the International car shipping company.
  10. International car shipping company charges an additional $100 fee for services that are required for shipping within 5 working days of placing an order which is extra cost incurred on expedited processing of order.

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