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International RV Shipping from USA

Finding a freight company for international RV shipping is no problem when we are around. Though many people think that transporting an RV is a difficult job, the truth is that it is in most of the cases similar to transporting a large car. And with our expertise and skilled labor you can rest assured that your RV is securely transported to an overseas location in the exact same condition as it was delivered to us.

International RV shipping from USA requires almost the same kind of documentation and shipping paperwork as for any other vehicle and our skilled staff will assist you in every possible way to ensure that no delays are experienced due to incomplete documents. Besides fulfilling the Customs requirements of the US port, shippers are also required to have full documentation that will also cater the Customs requirements of the destination location.

The cost of the international RV shipping is determined based on the various factors such as the make and model of the RV, the destination where it will be transported, the method that will be used for its transportation, the picking up and dropping off of the RV – all affect the international RV shipping quote that you will receive from us.

The best way to transport an RV which is also commonly preferred is known as Roll on / Roll off method. In this method the RV is brought on the transport vessel through ramps that help in driving in and out of the RV from the vessel. It is for this reason that the international RV shipping requires the RV to be in perfect moving condition at the time of shipping.

The insurance of the international RV shipping can be included in the cost of shipping, however choosing an experienced company like ours ensure that you will not have to worry on the aspect.

Besides calculation of the cost and assessing the best method for international RV shipping of your personal RV, there are also other things that need consideration. For example, getting your vehicle ready for International RV shipping.

The procedure includes:

  •  Removing of all loose items and other personal items that may be present in the RV. The ideal way is to deliver the RV with only the factory equipment installed in it and nothing else present in it.
  •  Latch and close all windows and doors of the RV.
  •  Any extra electronic device that you may have installed should be removed too.
  • The hitch and tow bar should be checked for proper installation and being in a sound shape.
  • Check on the proper working of the RV along with its lights including head, rear, indicator and break lights.
  • Check the RV for leaks and also for ample fluid presence such as brake fluid, transmission and power steering fluids and coolants.
  • A complete set of keys should also be made available to your transporter and if there are any special instructions for the RV they should too be made available to the transporter preferably in writing.
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